Connect West is a leading Domain registrar, with over ten (10) years experience as the registrar of domains. As a result of the exciting changes to the domain name space in Australia, we are now pleased to be able to offer registration services for the,,, and name spaces. To check whether a domain is available, simply enter your desired domain name in the form below. Our parent company, iiNet Limited will assist you in completing the registration process.

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1. How do I retrieve my domain name password?

Click here. If the email address that the password is emailed to is not valid, please download the form located here and email to us at

2. How do I change the delegation of my domain name?

Please send an email to, supplying your domain name, password and the new name servers for the domain name.

3. How do I update my contact details?

Please send an email to, supplying your domain name and password, as well as the following details:

Full name, address, telephone number, email address and fax number (where applicable).

4. I have received an invoice from iiNet for my domain – is this genuine?

Yes. iiNet Limited is the parent company for Connect West. As such, all domain renewal invoices will be sent to you by iiNet. Should you ever receive an invoice that you are not sure about, please contact us regarding the matter.

5. Why don’t you have prices on your web page?

As Connect West conducts all business through iiNet, pricing is determined by iiNet.

6. I would like to become a Connect West reseller. How do I do this?

At this stage, Connect West has no plans to take on new resellers.

7. How do I transfer my domain to Connect West?

Please contact iiNet Limited (, with regards to transferring to Connect West.

8. How do I cancel my domain registration with Connect West?

In order to cancel your domain registration with Connect West please contact the iiNet billing team on 1300 378 638 or via email at

9. How do I transfer/change the ownership of my domain registration with Connect West?

This can be done by downloading the form located here and emailing, where you can also email us any questions you may have. More information on auDa policy with regard to this process can be located here.




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