Connect West is a leading Domain registrar, with over ten (10) years experience as the registrar of domains. As a result of the exciting changes to the domain name space in Australia, we are now pleased to be able to offer registration services for the,,, and name spaces. To check whether a domain is available, simply enter your desired domain name in the form below. Our parent company, iiNet Limited will assist you in completing the registration process.

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Important information

If you would like to renew your domain name, please contact our parent company iiNet Limited on 1300 378 638 . Please have your domain name to quote to the billing team so they can find your account details. Once this payment is received, your domain name will take about 2 hours to be activated again. You do not need your domain name password to pay the renewal either.

Who is Connect West?

Connect West is a wholly-owned subsidiary of iiNet and has been operating as the registrar for the name space for over past fifteen years. We believe that our association with iiNet, as our parent company, puts us in the unique position to provide a reliable and cost-effective registrar service.

The iiNet group of companies provides a variety of Internet and telecommunications services nationally. Over its fifteen year history, iiNet has grown to be an ASX listed company. This has required sound financial management and a considerable amount of tenacity, talent and ability to adapt rapidly to an ever-evolving market.

Technically, we have access to World Class facilities for hosting our servers and a carrier class network for providing the necessary infrastructure and bandwidth. We utilise the Group's well-tested operational framework, which places a significant emphasis on organisational policy, security, change control and a solid project management methodology. Further, by working with the Group's project teams and 24x7 Technical Support, we tap into a very specialised and

Why should I use Connect West as my Registrar of Record?

Ultimately, the main differentiator in a competitive market is going to be the price of registration of a domain for a two-year period. Through the synergies achieved by the use of facilities and services including: 24x7 network support, help desk, DRP site, bandwidth and infrastructure from our parent and sister companies, Connect West has been able to keep its cost structure to a minimum, enabling significant price reductions to be made available to our reseller, iiNet Limited.

Exciting changes to look forward to at Connect West

Coming soon, Connect West will be releasing a domain toolbox so that our clients will be able to change the delegation of their domain name and update their contact details without having to wait for their request to be manually completed.  This is an exciting new feature for us and we are looking forward to the changes.

The good news doesn't only stop there.  We are in the process of designing an automatic transfer process which will speed up domain transfers coming to Connect West.  There will be no manual input by Connect West staff like there is at present.  We are trying to make this process very simple for our new clients and all you will need to know is your domain name, your current domain name password and who you want the bills sent to.  It is that easy.

Commitment to Security

Connect West's Information Security Statement

In an industry where the most valuable commodity is the data stored in the servers, Connect West prides itself in its commitment to security and privacy. The following is an excerpt from Connect West's Security Statement:

Connect West is committed to the security of both its information and information systems. Our business is entirely based on the storage and retrieval of information and we rely heavily on our systems to meet our operational, financial and information requirements. Hence, these computer systems, related data files and all information derived from them are considered the most critical assets of Connect West.

Connect West management strives to uphold and regularly review its system of internal controls to safeguard these assets. Information is processed in a secure environment and all staff share the responsibility for the security, integrity, and confidentiality of information obtained, created, or maintained by Connect West employees.

To this end, Connect West depends on the continued co-operation of all staff to prevent the accidental or intentional disclosure of, or damage to, its information.

Any violation of standards, procedures or guidelines that have been established as part of the Information Security Policy is presented to Management for appropriate action and could result in disciplinary action, including immediate dismissal, and/or legal prosecution.

WA Connect is an Internet Provider. They have a product called “Connect Fast”. Each year, they hold an “Open Day” where their clients can come and meet the staff. They also hold training sessions for their new customers. Under the new policy, WA Connect would be eligible for the following domains:

  • A service they provide (eg:,
  • goods they sell (eg:,
  • An event they sponsor or organise (eg:
  • An activity they teach or train (eg:
  • A venue they operate (eg:

Please refer to above examples.

Dishing It Out is a charity. They run soup kitchens, crisis accommodation and an employment agency. Under the new policy, Dishing It Out would be eligible for the following domains:
  • The service they provide (eg:
  • A program they administer (eg:
  • An event they organise (eg:
  • A venue they operate (eg:
  • An activity they facilitate, teach or train (eg:
  • An occupation its members practice (eg:

Please note that the above examples for also apply to domains.

John Smith would like his own .au domain name. As an Australian individual, he could register:
  • (an acronym or abbreviation)
  • (a nickname)

It is important to note that the above information is being provided as a guide only. Specific applications will need to be formally assessed in conjunction with the policy guidelines as published by auDA.

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